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Honda Forman replacement key blanks

Apparently The Honda Forman has at least 2 different keys.

Type 1 and type 2

I have a Type 2 with a "C 19" marking on it. Found replacement blanks at a local dealer but you can get blanks at also. Just go to a local Locksmith to get them cut.
The dealer said that the depth of the key is important as well as the key pattern. The Keys below are probably too long and don't line up with the lock tumblers. I made a replacement key out of 4R below and it didn't work.

You can find both key blanks here: OEM Parts Honda FOURTRAX FOREMAN ES (TRX500FE) 2006 HEADLIGHT - Cheap Cycle Parts
Ref # 012 for both types. $6.92 each.

If you were lucky enough to lose all your keys then you will need the ignition switch assembly Ref# 011. $30.88

I lost my keys and the only ones available for replacement were the thin car-like keys, which I bought. I want a set like come with the bike -- with the round plastic piece that fits over the ignition. Apparently, dealers don't have these as blanks, just the two that come with each ATV.

I have attached a pic of the replacements that the dealer DID have -- the one labeled 4L.

Is there anyplace online that sells them? Thanx ahead of time!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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