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I lost my keys and the only ones available for replacement were the thin car-like keys, which I bought. I want a set like come with the bike -- with the round plastic piece that fits over the ignition. Apparently, dealers don't have these as blanks, just the two that come with each ATV.

I have attached a pic of the replacements that the dealer DID have -- the one labeled 4L.

Is there anyplace online that sells them? Thanx ahead of time!

Go to another dealership! I lost 1 of my 2 keys last year. I took my spare in to get a couple copies made and they gave me a choice the 4L picture you have there for $3 (I think) OR the one with the dust cover for $12..... needless to say I bought 2 of the 4L keys you have listed and use that in my machine keeping my spare factory key in the safe If I lose more.
So just call another place and they'll get you what ever you want if you want to pay the extra money for that cover..... The one without the cover doesnt effect the ignition, Ive had my machine in water and muck up over the bars and its still working fine.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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