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need pic of warn winch on 05-06 foreman..

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can someone post some pics of their warn winch on a 05 or 06 foreman...i received mine today and think they sent the wrong mounting bracket..all they sent was one l shaped bracket..that i can't seem to mount anywhere..and no instructions on how to mount it..
thanks a roller fairlead much better than a standard Hawse fairlead..the Hawse came with my warn winch..i don't know if one is better than the other..??
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Look on the Photo gallery under Post your atv's here, mine is on the 2nd page duck 4x4. There is a pic. from the front
thanks duck..good looking foreman also..!!..where did you put your solinoid for your winch..a pic of it would be awsome..thanks..
winch mounting

My dealer had a stripped foreman with a winch mounted. I looked how they routed everything. It helped. I put the solonoid on R side of rear storage box
as suggested--no probs yet.
Hey if you go into my gallery iv got some pics on how i mounted every thing.
thanks all.. and SASQUATCH..your gallery was a big help..!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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