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need new tires

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i am looking for the best tire for a honda rancher 350 4x4 stock. i do a little boggin but mostly farm work. alot of my time is spent on the paved road. What type of tire do i need for maxium life.
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try the mudlites. they are good for boggin and hard surface. they also tend to wear good.
I'm using AMS swamp fox tires. they seem to be wearing like iron as i have about 1100 miles on them and they are just starting to show some signs of wear.they are very smooth on blacktop also.I got a pretty good deal on mine that's why i have them.
what about the itp 589? i had them and they wear good. if i were you i would stay away from the mudlites because people around here ride them on the rode and they dont last no time.
I have mudlights on my foreman and the wear badly. I'm going with either a radial or a hard lug like a 589 (or zillas if she gives the ok ).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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