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Need more power

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I know this subject has probably been beat to death but I'll ask anyways. I need to get a little more power out of my Foreman but don't want to do any engine mods like a bbk or anything like that. Will the HMF do the trick and do I have to rejet if I put one on? What about air filters, would the Uni-filter be better than a K&N power kit? I do a lot of hunting from my 4man so I don't want anything to loud either. Thanks guys and gals.
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yes a aftermarket exhaust and filter will improve your performance. Jetting will be required with any aftermarket exhaust. I have never used the HMF, so I can't help you there. But from reading the Ultra Quiet QS1 Eco-System might be what your looking for. As long as you don't hammer the throttle it want be to bad. I use the Uni filter and it is a big upgrade over stock. Also it is half the price of a K&N. Both are great filters, but for me I think the UNI is easier to maintain then the K&N.

Thanks for the info Dirty, by the way, which AAEN pipe did you use for your Foreman and how loud is it? I think i will go with the Uni-filter instead of the K&N too.
I think it is called an Aaen's Megahorn, Megaphone or something like that. It came off a 500 Polaris that a friend got rid of. The price was right (free) so I just cut the end off and welded it to my exhaust pipe. At low speeds it not to bad, but once you rump on it, it gets loud.
I rejetted and installed the UNI filter and HMF utility slip on and got a noticeable increase in power. In stock they are tuned very lean so while you lose gas milage you do pick up power with this setup. If you get the quiet core and keep off the throttle you should be fine hunting.
So how bad is the gas mileage if you do this mod? I get roughly 60 miles per tank on my Foreman right now before i use my reserve.
Wow, I only get 30 miles per tank before reserve. But i am running 27's. Is this a problem??
yes fuel mileage will drop, I burn a tank of fuel compared to my wifes stock foreman using about 1/2. I do alot more playing then she does also. It also depends on the style of riding you do. I run mine pretty hard.
I just ride mine around my yard and out my buddies house very easy.
If you think my mileage is good, when I run out of gas my wife's Rancher still has a half a tank. I didn't believe it until i saw it with my own 2 eyes. So she gets about 120+ per tank before reserve.
If I put an HMF on my 4man do i have to rejet and if so, why? I understand the whole rejet thing for a snorkel but not for an HMF.Thanks.
That is crazy when we ride it only take us about 40 miles to burn a tank but we do alot of getting on it
QUOTE ("AkATVHunter":5p1tvtnj)
If I put an HMF on my 4man do i have to rejet and if so, why? I understand the whole rejet thing for a snorkel but not for an HMF.Thanks.
an engine is an air pump, as you let more air out more air gets drawn in. More air requires more fuel to combust at peak efficiency.
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