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need more climbing power

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being the dedicated honda man I am I hate to admit it but my quad bogs down to much for my likings. granted living in eastern kentrucky we have some pretty steep hills around my rubi seems to bog down on some of the steeper hills. have 26" mudlites, front and back bumpers, winch , 424,hard plastic back seat extra rider and cooler full of beverages,at least at the begining of the ride, plus usally haul a grill and some other supplies, realize wait is probally the issue but still want to fix the problem!
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A jet kit may hellp you get back the snappy throttle response you want, and unfortunately, a pipe will definately help but louder noise comes with that. I have a 650 Rincon with 27 inch ITP's with a lift. I found that I lost alot of power and snap in the throttle. If you dont have these mods, a pipe and jet kit would do wonders for you. You would have what you need. I found that not only did I gain what I had lost..but I now have more than I had stock. That bike would rock with these without mods. I say GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got a hmf i just put on i got alot more power i can stand it up id high or d1
See there...the pipe and possibly a jet kit will wake that bike up.
You should have lots of torque in ESP low 1st gear. I just put 26 XTR"s and a lift, I also have a cargo seat plus a moose drop basket but yet to try it out with the new tires. Poker run and of April will be the real test. If you decide to put a pipe and jet kit let me know if you notice a big difference, I read on another site that these mods don't much for the rubicon due to the way the trainy is set up but then again I read about others that have modified and say there is a huge difference.
as far as motor my bike is basically stock other than the clutch kit. what kind of jet do you recommend. by the way picking up a k&n filter this weekend. still undecided about the pipe trying to stay away form the noise have. I have a 400 ex for that and yes it is yellow to. and the old lady cries every time i ride it with her because she can't hear. considering i mostly use my rubi for work around the house and trips with the family i really don't want the extra noise any reccommendatioins. ps please add the spell checkher!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18% gear reduction.

Jet kit will give you better throttle response but that's it. If you trail ride than I would really look into the db of all the pipes. My HMF was obnoxious. Stock pipe suites me just fine; do some tinkering and research. A clutch kit would allow you to build up a little steam before pulling the tires.

I personally am waiting for the 18% reduction kit. Good luck.
If you decide to get a pipe, get a HMF QS1 ( Quiet series pipe ) Its forestry approved and alot quieter than the reqular HMF. The wife has it on her 2006 Foreman 500. It sounds as quiet as the stock but still allows more air output. Check with Leesens Motors. They are $219.00 to the door and they come with the proper main jet and an aftermarket air filter.

thanks for all the help how can I get up with leeson motors
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