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All I do is unbolt the 3 mount bolts from the front differential and slide the front differential forward , then pop the front drive shaft out , the joint on the front drive shaft it spring loaded (to hold it tight onto the engine's output shaft) you can usually grab the shaft at the joint (where it splines to the engine) and push it forward compressing the spring enough for it to come out of the splines .. Then with the exhaust , carb , wire couplers etc. off remove the 3 motor mount bolts (I usually completely remove the motor mount assy on the cyl head) On the 2 bottom motor mounts just remove the bolts and spacer (on 1 side) complete 1/2 mount on the other side..Loosen the band screw on the swingarm boot and slide the boot off the engine then using a large screwdriver or prybar pop the universal joint off the output shaft .. Then just lift the engine out ..

If the engine is being bored you should take both the cyl & new piston to the engine shop or machine shop together with the clearances you want and Honda recommends once the cyl is bored the shop do the final honing with nothing courser than #600 stones for max engine life ..

Post or PM your email address and I will email you the TRX500 engine removal section if you'd like it ..
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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