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Need Help! Wont start

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Friend has a '00 350FM. He was out pushing snow this past weekend and now cant get the quad to start. Bike goes from reverse to 1st but will not stay in neutral to start the thing. When trying to rock the quad back and forth, the neutral light blinks on and then goes out.

what sensor should we be looking for and where? or any other problem areas?

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is there a way to check the neutral switch?
Can you get the transmission in neutral to use the pull starter? Or do you mean that the shifter goes directly from reverse to first? That sounds like a mechanical problem with the trans. You should be able to ground the wire for the neutral switch to bypass it.
There is a short arm with a roller & spring that is called a "shift drum stopper" .. The roller pops in a groove in the shift drum center which holds it in neutral.. If it just goes thru neutral without stopping something is out of place or broken .. It should be checked before driving the bike ,if any broken pieces floating around the crankcases happen to go thru the transmission gears it will be expensive to fix ..
yea..gears are expensive i kno in my kawi it was about $100 for one gear
No, it does go into neutral. The light will not stay on allowing you to start the bike.
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