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need help with smoking!!

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k i jus replace the ouput shaft on my foreman, i did not even touch the top end and after i put the engine back in and get every thing runnin it startes smokin like a freight train like u crank it up and give it gas fer 3 seconds itll kill every bug in a 3 mile radius and u wont be able to see your hand in front of your head its so bad. what my question is to yall is is it my rings or my valve seal making it smoke so bad?
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Did you have the jug off the piston? you might have bent or broke a ring when you put the top end back together.
If it constantly smokes after start up its the rings/piston. Valve stem seals normally dont cause sustained smoking. I'm becoming a pro at fixin Hondas.
after it gets hot it stop smoking as bad, something inside the engine is knocking tho. i put some smoke b gone in it and it worked a little bit but it still smokes a litlle
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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