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Need help with Front Brakes

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I have a 96 400FW. I used to have to pump up the front brakes to get it to stop. So I ordered a master cylinder rebuild kit and got it installed. Now I can't even pump them up. When I take the resivior top off and pump the brake it looks like all the pressure just comes back to the resivior. I have bled them several times with no luck. Am I doing something wrong?
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When you pump the brake then open the bleeder do you get a shot of fluid out?do the brakes apply at all? I was thinking maybe the wheel cylinders are seized up.Take the drums off and try to move the cylinder pistons by hand.
I had been having a problem with them to start. I could pump the brake handle and get the brakes to work. The pistons are fine. I figured the master cylinder was going bad. I put in a new rebuild kit and now I get no pressure build up at all. I bled almost a half a bottle of fluid throgh and still nothing. The fluid shoots out nice and the pistons move freely. But when I take the top off the master cylinder and squeeze the handle it looks like all the pressure is squirting back into the resivior. I am stumped.
sometimes they can be a pain, you didn't mention it. But you will need to bleed the master cylinder first by removing the brake line from the master cylinder. then reattach the line and then bleed the wheel cylinders. You can also try back bleeding them.
Yea, I took the line off the master cylinder and squeezed the handle a few times. Fluid was gushing out. Any other ideas?
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