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need help with 4man

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hey wat size main jet are u guys runnin that have a snorkit and hmf my is runnin real lean, it will not spin the tires unless i put my hand over the half the snork or turn the choke on also should i do anything with the needle and is the a/f screw gonna be the normal 2 1/2 turns out
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I have a 135 oem jet in mine, with all the same stuff that you have and it runs like a top. Im not real shure which notch by e-clip is set at on the needle, but someone else on here should be able to give you that info.
If I remember right my clip is in the middle notch of the needle and a oem 135 jet. 2.5-3 turns out on the mixture. no two bikes are the same so some minor adjustment might be needed to get it tuned in right.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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