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need help from you mud riding pros

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when i get in the water mine likes to cut out and bog down. i am in first gear too. 2 months old no mods just 27in tires. it a foreman 500es with winch. what do i need to do. the water goes past the exaust, up to the seat. also what a bout a lift kit. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If your already up to the exhaust and seat , do some basic mods to keep from drowning the bike. Start with a snorkle, re-route vent lines, plug carb drain and di-electric grease all elect connections. That should at least keep the bike running while you consider tires, lift and perf mods.
what vent line. i have tires
since you are not going deep enough to get water into the intake i bet steam is making it cut out. i used to have that problem all the time before i snorkeled.
the 2 lines loped over your carb mine did the same thing before I extended them
what about the 2 lines over the carb
those are your carb vent lines if you have water up to your exhaust your carb is under water and sucken it in do your carb drain too. it is off the bottomof your carb jest plug it.
you need you reroute the two carb lines up to the pod the front finders right under the pod light. put a couple loops in them and zip tie them so that they stay looped. then plug the carb drain that exits under the bike toward the back of the foot wheels on the right side as you are sitting on the bike. also there is 1 drain on both the front and rear diffs, one on the cooling fan, and on on the rear brake that sould be ran like the carb line.
the only way to keep it from drowning out is snorkel and re route the vent lines up the side of the snorkel to the top.people also say to plug the over flow line but i went ahead and went the extra mile and ran it up the side of the snorkel to
and also with the diff lines and rear brake drum line.all of them are already routed up to the handlebars
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