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Need help finding a Snorkel kit for my 2003 Forman 400!!

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I just put 26'' ITP MUdlites on Highlifter rims. I'm looking to put a 2-4'' Lift with a Snorkel kit and Clutch kit on my Forman 400..Anyone have any idea on how much a good Snorkel kit,Clutch kit, and a lift will cost me??
I mainly want a Snorkel on my foreman first. I have a Friend that owns a 2004-05 Recon with 27'' outlaws on Highlifter rims, Clutch kit, Dyno, Possible Lift? and 250 $ Pipes and a really good looking Homemade snorkel made from parts all bought at home depot...
I live around Shreveport,LA area and I'm looking to find the best deal on a snorkel kit.
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Check out the how to section here. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

these snorkel kit was made for a 450, but will work on the 400 also.
Highlifer sells everything that u are asking for, but u can shop around and compare prices.

is this the best place for a snorkel to go?? I really don't want to cut a 3 in hole in my 4 wheeler if i don't have too.Mainly b/c I've never had any experience doin that.[/url]
Here is another post on snorkels, read down the post alittle and it explains how I made my snorkel. No drilling required and a couple of pix to give u an ideal. I have the same design on a 400 foreman and a 450 foreman
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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