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Need help brakes, bearings, shift angle sensor.

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I need new brakes and bearings and didn't feel like changing them so I brought it to the dealer and they won't change my shift angle sensor until they ride it and get the code like I did. But they said my fucking dipstick didn't show any oil, I don't get why It would burn so much oil already it's an 05 foreman 500es. And now he's saying it will cost me 400$ after like a 60$ discount. How hard is it to do your own bearings.
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Man that sucks for sure.
But anytime you take your bike to a dealer clean it up,check the oil,air filter and such.It's just a good idea.
If the code is intermitent it may not be a problem with the sensor could just be a bad or wet connection. I had alot of shifting probs with mine and it turned out to be a connector with water and corrosion in it.
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