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Need Help ASAP: 2006 Honda Foreman 500 ES Problem

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I have a 2006 Honda Foreman 500 4x4. The quad has about 120 miles on it and after we got done 4wheeling this weekend...I started having a problem. The quad starts and idles like normal but when I try to rev it up or take off the quad stalls and dies. Since this problem started I have changed the spark plug and changed the oil and filter. Any help will be appreciated. We are going riding tomorrow. Thanks.
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Did you get into any water last you went riding?
Yes it was in some water/mud holes. Any ideas why it will idle, but won't rev up? Thanks.
did you get water up your exaust pipe.
Yeah some water went up the exhaust pipe, but it blew out. I have changed the oil and plug.....but the bike idles smooth but dies when I give it very much gas.
You have water in the carb. Drain your carb and you should be ok
when the water go's up the exaust it wets the insulation in the muffler. you have to run it till it dries out and every thing will be fine. my pipe was full of water one time and i just unbolted the spark arrestor and kept easing the throttle till it ran full throttle. it took about 15 - 20 minutes but every thing was fine after that. try it and let us know your results.
How do you drain the carb? I going to try this stuff within the next hour. Thanks for the help.
there is a tube running out the bottom of your carb for over flow. beside it is a screw turn that screw counter clockwise to open it and drain the water out then turn it clockwise to close it. it should only take a couple of seconds to drain it out.
do what swamprat said, you may have to blow on one of the hoses at the top of the carb if there is any sediment in it. before you ride again put a small screw, golf tee, or whatever will fit and stay. this will keep the anything else from getting into the carb. also wouldnt be a bad idea to run the vent lines up to the handlebars in the future to help prevent problems.
Opened up the drain on the bottom of the carb........all is well again! Thanks for all the help.
no, problem. glad we could help. dont forget to plug up that drain line.
I did not figure this out until the 2nd time I sank it and it died underwater! You should feel lucky.
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