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need exhaust

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hi all i need an exhaust for a 99 honda forman 450 es i shure dont want to pay 300 for it. Used ok please let me know thanx
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I have a 01 and a 04 pipe ,I dont think the 04 will fit but the 01 will .Is shipping a problem from Toronto,Canada?
check ebay----i got my supertrapp for 119.00, not a bad deal
what do you want for it im in canada too in bc i dont know how much the shipping and handleing will be thou let me know o and im asuming its in good shape
50$ to any charity of your choice and the shipping ,I just took it off my 01 it seems to be in good shape,replaced it with a eco HMF.
i want it ill buy it pm me ok
you can reach me at [email protected] How do you want to ship?
probly ups i dont know what it will cost tho
need an exhuast

i too am looking for a aftermarket slip on exhuast for my 2002 s...dont want to pay out the wazoo for it either..any ideas
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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