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Need clearence info

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I have a 2004 Honda Foreman S, i just installed a perfex long travel kit and HL lift springs. I have a set of Bi/Tri claws, but my rims will be here tommorrow or wednesday, but from the looks of it i will have major rubbing issues, is it because of the perfex kit or what? I was told i would not have to trim the fender for these or make any mods, but it appears i will have too, anypne with this setup let me know if you had to do any mods to fit them, thanks so much
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You will not have any rubbing issues with those tires. My tires measure right at 29.5'' and I barely had to trim at all on my 450, and I only have a lift in the front. You will be fine.
I have the perfex and claws on my 450 and only have rubbing issues when turning HARD or over big bumps. It is nothing major. You will NOT have to trim anything. look at the pics in my sig to see the claerance I have. Yours will be even more due to the HL springs.
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