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Need assistance

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Well, I finally added a "custom bend" to my handlebars! I rolled it yesterday and the only damage the Foreman took was a broke brakelight switch, slightly bent rear rack, and the bent handlebar. It bent about 1/2 to an inch down and the right side. Any tips on straightening it up? I tried to pull it up but that only lifts the bike! LOL
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you take everything off the handle bars, get a cutting torch, heat it up, and bend it back....done this once on an old 4-wheeler....just get black paint and paint back over where you heated it up.
Holy Crap! Whatever happened when you could stick something in the end of the bar and pry up on it! I took the little endcap off, and there was a little threaded thing and that was it! ****, ****, ****!
I actually grabbed my bar end and gave it a big yank as I stood on the footpeg. Straightened it right out. These bars are exactly tough....
yeah they dont make them like they used to.
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