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need advice

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A guy is selling an 06 500 Foreman. The add says that it has very low hrs and in great condition but doesn't have first gear. He says the Honda dealer is telling him $390 to fix it and he lost his job so can't afford to fix it. On top of that he can't afford the pymnts on the quad so is selling it for payoff which is $3394.97. What should it cost to fix first gear?
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mine has the same problem the parts to fix mine are around $500.00. the dealer wanted $2000.00 to do the hole job. the moter has to come out and the case split so I'm told. mine is still sitten but I will be doing it after the holadays my self to save $1500.00
Yeah, Thats what I was thinking. I can get the parts at cost and the labor for free but it will take the guy forever to do it(because it's free labor).
Anybody else got any imput on this?
As cheep as you can get the 06 for new from a dealer, why bother with all the hassle? It will have zero hours and you will know it has been taken care of. I think you can pick up a 06 for $4300... give or take. Just my two pennies worth.
Really? I haven't priced them lately but I was thinking they were more around $5500 or so. I'll look into a little closer.
Look thruogh the topic of "how much was your foreman". There were several there for 4600, I would save the headach and get a new.
i gave a little more than 4600 for mine green but i also got a 4 year warranty try checking out southern powersports you can buy anything honda they are located in tenn. really good price brand new they wholesale them, you said the add said low miles well these have max 1 mile
If should happen to still find any leftover 2006 models you can probably get a really good deal on one say mid 4000's range.

As for no 1st gear I never use first gear. LOL
I'd do it. Go get a quote from a Honda Dealer on what they'd charge to changes a gear in that model bike. Show him the quote and offer him a price based on that. You could get that bike for close to $2800 if the guys knows you know he's bull chittin'.
man screw the dealership. my local dealership had both of my bikes for 4 months one they were supposed to put a u-joiunt in and the other they were supposed to rebuild the top end. they never touched them. i took them to a local guy and the one that needed a u-joint had no rear diff. oiul in at all. SO now it needs gears put in it. im ticked off. the sad part is is that we bought 5 foremans from them that week and they dont want to help us on our warranty.
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