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Need advice on 2001 foreman rubicon hondamatic 500?!!?!

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I cracked my rear differential housing right in half and i cant afford a brand new one or even a used one. I tried JB Clear weld and it worked for like a week because it was getting so hot that the oil would drain everytime i put some in, which was evey time i had to go somewhere. This morning i tried JB CLEAR WELDING it back together again so i will see how that holds up. Any suggestions or tips or tricks or thoughts on how i should go about this. And like i said before , i CANNOT afford one right now.
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Get yourself some fiberglass mat and resin. Put that right on top of the JB weld. That will stop the leak. Years ago my son put the chain from his 350X 3 wheeler through the case. I stopped the leak with the fiberglass and resin.
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