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Need a new wheel stud

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Where can I get a new stud for my hub? I had one that was junk and I cut it off, now I just have a hole where it was and no lug nut. Does anyone know the size or something and where I can get it the cheapest? Also, does it hurt anything to ride on it with only 3 lug nuts tight?
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i had the same problem...the only thing i found to do is go to the dealer and buy a new cost me just under $100

it won't hurt anything to ride with three lugs nuts, as long as you take it easy
Get a 450 stud ... Or a stud from several other models , they are the same ..
Bobby if you cant find one shoot me an email with your mailing address. I have a few extra laying around and I will send you one.
Got he same problem as Bobbydog. Can you buy just a stud for the 450? Been riding my 500 with only 3 but with my new wheels it really stands out
You can just buy the studs from the dealer they are like 4 dollars not bad at all. Or go to Babbitsonline to order them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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