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Need a little storage?

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I ordered this gently used nato ammo can online and it works perfectly. It goes on and off quickly, has a rubber seal to make it water proof and is very cheap. I was thinking of painting it, however, I kind of like the military look. What do you think?

This thing is heavy duty.

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nice looking box. who or where did you order it from?
Ammo Box

It came from for $19.99, but I have seen it on thier site for $14.99 also.
if its not mounted with zip ties then its not mounted right!!!!!!!!
I considered duct tape.....but zip ties are more appropriate. I wondered who would be the first to comment on that and the fact my rear tires are on the wrong direction.....I had just painted the rims and slapped them back on for a few pics.
I wrapped my rear rack in electrical tape and mounted one yesterday. Try your local Army-Navy store. I picked up a 50 cal surplus ammo box for $6.00 there and its enough for a 20ft pull rope, gloves, and a drink plus other stuff

i use a few of those...
one is mounted in the same place with a bungee (gotta love 'em) i use it for tools and cameras and phones...

the other one i converted it to a stereo system, i have two marine speakers mounted in the side and have a cd player and antenna in it.

i also have a small one about the size of two vhs tapes, it's perfect to mount on the front rack for a phones and stuff...

i like the military look though. i did paint one side of mine flat black so it wouldn't be so bright when lights hit it...

good choice though
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