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need a little help.......

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I have a 05 honda foreman 500 i have 28 outlaws and a outlaw clutch kit on it. i was gonna get a jet kit for it but i don't need a k&n filter i already have one so i was thinking i could just by the jet for it alot cheaper......but i don't know what size to get i live in Alabama.......someone told me just go up 5 sizes bigger than stock?? i would really like yalls help thanks.
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A 170 jet is what most of us run, with HMFs (Stock is 162.5). If your running a stock exhaust then use a 162.

The only poroblem w/ not buying a jet kit is your stock needle. The needle in the bike now is not adjustable, like the one's ib the 450's were.
If you're not putting different exhaust on then why are you rejetting. K&N filter will not require different main.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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