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need a h/d half shaft?

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i need a used hmf muffler for my 01 450s. im willing to trade a left side h/d half shaft for it? the shaft was custom built w/ 4130 cup, cage and shaft by turner cycles in houston. its brand new, i bought it for a spare. Anyone?????
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I just called Leesons & their price went up. Still the best out there so far.
$229.00 with filter & jet. 866-LEESONS Give'm a call Mark. Free shipping.
i just ordered mine last week for 239 shipped from there but i also added a quiet core, the pipe was only 219 with jets and filter when i ordered. Everyone keeps going up, have you seen Rocky Mountain atv catalog they offer free shipping on orders over 100 dollars, bu everthing 50 dollars or more went up 5 dollars and everthing 100 or more went up at least 10 to 20 dollars. I use to get me oil from there by the case for 34 dollars per 12 now its 45 for 12. I need a raise to keep up with all this inflation. Gas is 2.60 here for regular, WTF.................
STUPID GAS PRICES!!!!!!!!!!!! It all starts there. Seems everything revolves
around gas prices.
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