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Necessities On A Long Ride

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I'm going on my first real trailride through the mountains of Kentucky during Memorial Day weekend. It's a 3-day ride and I have no idea what to expect. I do know that I want to be prepared! For those of you veterans...could you suggest some absolute necessities that I should include in an ATV "Survival Pack"? Any advice of what personal effects I may want to bring as well, besides my own bar of soap ? Any suggestions or survival tips(Ha!) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Co2 tire inflateor its very small and uses stanard co2 for a bb gun. Got it at my honda dealer for about $17 has been very handy many times for myself and people i found on the trail. And i always keep a few tire plugs and the plug tool.
Check out this post and it should give you a good idea on things to take with you.
Enought beer for yourself and the other guy who is to cheap to buy there own.
QUOTE ("Canadianrubicon":1hcnq7as)
Enought beer for yourself and the other guy who is to cheap to buy there own.
Yeah, but don't drink them while your riding and don't forget a first aid kit too!
im fixin to make a tool kit to put on my bike, we always have someone get a rock stuck in their brakes or something odd like that. and the factory tools just SUCK!

3/8"Ratchet- from the tools i have Husky as the closest ratchet ratio for them tight areas.
8,10,12,14,16,17,18,22,30mm sockets
of course some extensions
pliers and flat head screwdriver (them stupid black pop rivet things)
philips head screwdriver

pretty much every thing i can take almost my whole 4wheeler apart with, just incase. 30~ miles is way too far to walk,, hahaha.

and most importantly a tow strap.
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