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hi i am new to this forum i have a honda rubicon 500 2001 model
it has been working fine for the 9 months i have owned it and i love it by about a week ago it wouldnt change gear the screen would just flash so i took it to my local dealer and the replaced the angle sensor which worked i picked it up on the friday and then on the saturday i was out on it feeding the pheasants i was going alon the road in 5th gear high and i was coming round a little lane and changed down to forth but nothing happened it said on the screen i was in forth but i was still in fith i keeped changing down until i was in first on the screen and it finaly went into the right gear but only for a second it went back to fith and stayed there i have tryed changing to d1 and d2 and low but it makes no difference
if the screen isnt falshing it will go really fast in reverse but if it flash it just coughs and splutters.
can anyone help me cheers
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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