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My new whip....07 rubicon

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27x12x12 Mud Lites on 12" SS Alloy 112 wheels.
Warn XT25 winch with synthetic rope
HL Lift Will be installing tomorrow
HL Springs will be installing tomorrow
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last one
Its Blue...?
Welcome MACH

Glad you found it
Lets see the lift. I'd like to see the combo of spings and lift.
The front tires look pretty wide. What with are they? Do you have any trouble rubbing them as well?
Looks good,I like the wide tires on all 4 corners.
The tires are 27x12x12 in the rear and 27x10x12 in front.

With these tires I did have just a tad bit of rubbing on the fender bars, but I did have to turn as sharp as I could with it to rub them.

I put the lift in friday and also the springs, and man what a difference!

The stearing is tighter. The stearing is alot more responsive with the lift in. The rear is alot stiffer, which I like.

Yesterday I got to put a few miles on it through trails, dirt roads, hills, and oh yes....the mud.

The new stearing feel was awesome! leaning into corners at a good clip was fun. You can't get to crazy with it because you will bring a tire off the ground on fast corners.

So overall I am impressed with the new handling of wheeler.

Dirt roads was a little tricky doing donuts but with some time it is easy and I can keep it pinned around corners, and felt like I was in a sprint car.

Climbing hills not a problem

Mud was pretty fun. But I don't care what kind of lift you have if you have a straight axle the lift only helps the front. Tires only helps clearence of the axle.

I go it stuck twice which sucked but was also fun.

Overall I have heard people say don't install the springs and lift but I am glad I did. Only thing to look for is the rear brake cables are pretty tight with the lift so I might look for a some brake extensions.

BTW I will post some pics tomorrow.
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