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my new pics

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hey guys i got my new tires and the perfex kit put on this weekend. man those tire really eat up the snow. it measures 13 1/4 inches to the bottom of the floorboards not to bad.
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Do you like the tires? I'm thinking of getting a set of 26's and want to know what someone that has them thinks of them. How much of a lift do you put on it?
i put the perfex suspension kit on. it raised it about an inch and i guess the tires raised it about 2 inches. i only have about 10 miles on the tires and i like them so far they are great in the snow, pulling me threw about 16inches of powder. no complaints about the lift or tires yet other then a rougher ride but im sure you will get that with any mud tire. hope that helps you.
Do those tires stick out much past the fenders? They dont look like they stick out too much from the pics but cant really tell. I am want to go with 26x10 and 26x12 Mudlites on my Foreman 500 and put them on stock wheels but do not want them to stick out past the fenders.
The tires are a rough ride huh? Can't be as bad as outlaws can they? How much did your lift cost?
I see you got a Dewalt radio in the window. Do you use it on your Foreman
to go ridin'? My buddy just bought one & he loves it. He puts it on the front
rack while he is ridin'.
well the tires ride rougher then the stock ones but thats normal as for riding rough compared to other mud tires im not sure ive never rode with any others. the perfex kit is like $80.
the dewalt radio is nice but ive never rode with it, maybe i should give it a try.
Your tires should lift the machine about 1 inch, you gain 1/2 inch for every inch you go up in tire height. I'll have to measure mine to see what i got.
Nice machine, I thought Gators ran a little shorter?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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