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My New Custom Snorkel

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I just put it on yesterday....check it out......oh and I heard something about rerouting my vent lines, what is that and how do I do it.

Here's a link to the pics
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... pg&.src=ph</a>
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Looks good.

The vent lines are on top of the carb (two of them). Then there are vents for the 2 diffs and rear drum. Run/extend them to your handle bars or in your headlight pod.
Here is a pic of the 2 carb lines. Just buy the hose connectors to extend them and cut them to desired length. They shuld go under the headlight pod. I plug the carb drain tue as well. This is on the bottom..
dont forget about the cooling fan. it also has a vent line on it.
Thanx I'll get on that soon. ...hey where do they stop, cuz I see that they go under the Gas tank.
I know on the older bikes, they are vented into the frame in front of the stirring stem. Should be the same for the newer bikes.
Sorry Dirty4man..You are right. Also run the fan line. I also ran both front and rear differential up top as well. Just run them up however you want to or can. They just need to be above the water line. Good luck.
wow that looks good. put mine on a week or so ago. ran mine under the fender and up through the little plastic peice in the center. works great.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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