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My new 500

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Well, finally got my first atv. Mine is a 2006 yellow Foreman 4x4 ES. My friends is a 05 green Rubicon. Both are great atv's. We are gonna have a ball.

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are either of ya'll intersented in some mudzillas i got those 26-12-12s for sale for 275, plus shipping and there alomost brand new
Looks like someone diecided to go with the bigfoot kit. They both look good.
I cant get the pics to come up. All I see is 2 boxes with red X' in them. Does anyone know what can be wrong?
That's what i'm gettin' & i have high speed Road Runner cable internet.
No pictures here either.
I have dial-up 52k connected at 19.2k. Glad to see I am not the only one having a problem.
no pics here either
QUOTE ("Robb":3hn5y8sw)
no pics here either
Fixed. Sorry about that fellas

QUOTE ("bnjeep":3hn5y8sw)
Looks like someone diecided to go with the bigfoot kit. They both look good.
Yep, my friend decided to go with the ITP 26" 589's on Type 5's. I didn't do the instant upgrade. Gonna wait a while and try to get the Type 7's. His atv did look good with the kit.

Any tips to give a new Foreman owner: break in period, tips, etc. Thanks.
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Wow are those Clean, good looking foremans those have fun
Dielectric grease all the connections you can get to. I changed the oil and diff fluids at 10 hrs, I think the recomend 20 in the book. I also spayed the aluminum diff and engine cases w/ clear engine paint to keep them from staining so bad and looking new.
Im jealous!!!
Not anymore I got mine yesterday!
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