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My new 2008 Foreman

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i just bought a 08 White foreman last saturday! im so happy i chose the white, I LOVE IT!

now its time for some mods...

im buying an extreme 2" lift wed.! my little brother has a 07 foreman i just put his lift on, its actually 2" of lift, it suprised me..

BUT i have 2 main things id like to ask... on the Perfex Long Travel Suspension Kit it relocates the shock mounts, well so does the 2" lift, so you can ONLY run either or? not both?

and id like to put blue tinted lights in my foreman! i worked at Advance Auto Parts for 2 years... i know lights, but LOL i cant seem to pull mine out! hahaha i take off the black plastic box covering it, pull the rubber off and unplug it! NOW WHAT??? does it spin? pull out? HOW??? i havent tried to get in the top mount yet... but i will post pictures in just a minute...
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Welcome Clean08White

And Congrats on the New Ride

Any Pictures ?
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