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my idear

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IM going to try to get rid of my 500 and buy a 450. My plans are to put a bbk a cam and all that crap in it. IM going to rebuild the whole motor pretty much. Weld some custom skidplates to the frame out of some real thin metal. On the A-arms im plan on putting plate on both sides of the A-arms so itll act as skids and itll keep air in them to keep it a float. I also plan on relocating the oil cooler and put a aftermarket fan on it so itll run alot cooler. Im going to make my own lift out of some plate and just weld it on the A-arms so itll be like a factory mount. Rubicon carb, dual glasspacks, Jet kit and a k&n. ON the swingarm im going to get some pipe to go across the front than im going to box it in with some pl8 so itll be like a skid and itll also keep air in it. Dual snorkels. I dont want a winch because the pl8 going to add too much weight i think. i want to get some small tractor ties to put on it or some sort of tire like that. My plan is to do this whole thing for like 2500-3000. I've already found a bike. The motor sitting on the ground beside it so it should be pretty cheap. Does this sound like a good idea or not. Any advice would be helpful. Sorry for the looong post.
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I think it is a good idea. I get a foreman 400 for free from my friend. It needs some work, but i have almost everything i need to have it running stock. It is going to set me back about $1000.

I am planning on doing the BBK with the horse pow kit, and the trx300 reduction kit. I am also looking into lifting it like the one on the site.

I say go for it. Once mine is done, I am going to get rid of my 500.
Also, if you want this thing to float, an easy way is to get some small boat bumpers from Walmart, and attach them under your fenders.

It is definately *******, but it does work.
After i move the oil filter and fan i think there should be a empty place in the frame im going to fab up like a giant air box to fill in that spot also. After the fabbings done i hope to bedline the frame and the plastics.
and yet no one else has gave me any diff. advice.
I think that with all that plate on there, it'll be more likely to sink than float.

The only way you could benefit from having air-tight boxes all over the place is to pressurize them. Maybe then it'd have more bouancy than ballast.

Just my $.02
i could put valve stems in each spot i want air in it. i was thinking i should put some in the air boxs
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