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My gear indicator number is blinking 2 times

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What is wrong my 07 foreman es gear number is blinking twice and will not shift it is only two month old
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Your just yet another person with a problem with the ES system. If only two months old should be under warranty, just take it back to dealer to figure out and fix. You can do a search on this forum for ES problems and find a lot of post. I have a 2007 Foreman ES with around 200 miles on it and having problems with mine as well, mine was flashing code 3. I just replaced the angle sensor and it seems to be working again for the time being.

For a list of what each flash code means see the following post.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ight=codes</a>
My o7 did the same thing I took it to the dealer and they said there was moisture on the connectors and it was a common problem from the factory,they took it apart and dried it out and put grease on the connections. This happened 2 days after i bought it.
Code #2 is shift switches (up/down buttons) .. The coupler should be for water/moisture and make sure it is tight ..
i talked to the dealership where i bought the bike and they told me the same thing that there was moisture in the green conector under the left fender i used sum electrical drier and put dri electric grease on it they also told me to paint the entire conector with liquid electrical tape, the bike is now running better than ever
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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