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I recently accquired from a family member a 1996 Honda Foreman 400, it needed some major work. I put about $600 into fixing it, and then i did a bunch of cosmetic work to it, painted all the plastics yellow, and replaced lights and the seat cover. Just a bunch of work, and then on wednesday the day before thanksgiving November 21st, between 2am-6am my suburban with this "brand-new" looking fourwheeler on a trailer was stolen. I believe it was stolen for the 4wheeler. The thing that sucks the most is that i never even got to enjoy all the work i put into it. I am in the Memphis, TN area, and if any of you are out and about and see a newly painted yellow fourwheeler, please think of me, so i can catch the guys who stole it from me, thanks again. I am going to post my last pictures that i have of it in just a few min on my profile here so you can see all the work i did, and the last pic i have of it from the day before it was stolen.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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