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my foreman with 29.5s (pictures) finally up!!

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i have be wanting to put my pictures of my foreman on here for the longest time but my first gear is broke and its been in the shop ever since that big storm. we I went up there to see what there doing and i had my camra phone with me and i took some pics to show yall hope yall like!!

its a little dirty thoo.
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here is one more

and a pic of a truck i haul my 4wheeler in and i play in the mud with (haha)
Looks good. You took those pictures with your phone? Those are good
quality pictures. What kind of phone do you have?
my phone does bout the same its a motorola something. looks like crap on the phone til u acutally put it on yer comp.
Looks tall. and looks good!
Darren what band lift do you have on there or is it homemade
my phone

my phone is a treo650 its about a $600 phone but i got the hookup

i have a highlifter kit with springs
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