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My foreman sucks

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My 2004 Foreman has 890 miles on it and has been nothing but trouble at 200 miles it started smoking i think the said it was due to a mistake on there part when i had them adjust the valves, next at 830 miles it blew up, had to replace cyclinder, piston, rod, etc. under warranty, claimed to have had a bad connecting rod, and now just 60 miles after the rebuild at 890 miles it is smoking badly especially when above half throttle and when releasing the, not sure why but Tuesday the dealership better have an answer, my foreman stays in the shop, i do not ride heavy mud, or deep water, i trail ride at speeds below 35 mph, so i dont hit the rev limiter and i perform regular maintaince after about every ride, clean the filter and check my brakes and bearings very often, check diff oils, etc. I think i have about had it from honda, ever since the doing away of the trx 300 there quality to me has rapidly dropped. I dont know if all this is dealer related maintaince and repair mistakes or faulty euipment, but i think wednesday i will be looking else where for another atv, i love to ride my atv but over the last three months i have only 3 hours and 60 miles on it, sorry for the complaints but i am fed up with my pos foreman
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Don't blame you, sorry about your luck.
sounds like you baby that thing to much ,jk im sure it will pay off in the long run some how.
ill buy it 500 dollars
if you interested in selling it call 228-547 3180
No i will not sell it that cheap, i have a 4 year warranty for another 3 years and they better cover it and not give me the run around like last time took them a month and a half to perform what says on the warranty work to only be able for them to charge 4 hours labor, and they had parts within the first week, i personally contacted honda customer service and they were the ones who looked over it because the dealership said it was not able to cover it under warranty and thought differently and contacted them and they assured me they would make it right, so tommorw i will call them tommorow and let them know after only 60 miles it is blown again, so ill will let you know how it goes, and what do you guys think i like the kodiak 450 or grizzly?
Sorry to hear about your bad luck. We have had nothin' but good luck
with ours. Not one single problem out of either one. Mine is pushin' 3 yrs.
old & not one problem. I am not real hard on it, but i don't baby it. Most
folks that have the 450's say the same thing. They are tough as nails for
the most part. Although, they do make a lemon every now & then. You
may have gotten that lemon. I hope things get better for you.
Sounds like it is just the mechanic at your dealership. Never had a problem with mine and my next one will be a Honda.
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