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my foreman is in trouble. please help...

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last night i took it out for a ride, everything seemed fine until a few hours later deep in the woods it's starts dying on me once or twice... sounds like i got water in the air box...but i didn't go through any water.

checked all of that... then i got stuck in some slop and had to winch myself out. my sinch was making some weird noises and my lights were dimming.
do you think a bad electrical connection would cause my engine to not run right.

please let me know what you guys think.
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mine did the same thing three weeks after I bought it. Turned out the battery was not charged properly from beginning and was going dead right away. Honda replace battery and now everything is perfect. Maybe the battery was so low that the charging system couldn't keep up with my ES, and lights plus keep machine running.? Trickle charge your battery overnight and see what kind of charge it is holding. Good luck.

(is your 4x4 light blinking four times if you use accessories without machine running? mine was, Honda Mech told me it was a low voltage code. He was right on)
I think spooners right on this one, just charge your battery up and you will be fine.

thanks gusy i'll give it a try as soon as i can...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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