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My Foreman 400 trial ride review.

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WOW! I went for a trail ride last night. Took my Foreman 400. My daughter took my cousins 300 4X4 and my nephew took my 300 4X4. We swithced up a few times. Both 300's are in really good condition suspension wise, but that 400 was like riding a cadillac on the trail. All 3 of us noticed it. It just soaked up the bumps. On a couple of hills that we went up 3 or 4 times, we made a discovery. When hitting the hills in 3rd gear on the 300, it became nescesarry to downshift part way up the hills. The Foreman never had to be downshifted. It seemed to just dig in and go. Of course it has 110 cc more engine to help it do so! But after the ride last night, al 3 of us agreed the Foreman was much more comfortable and fun to ride.
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glad you like the new bike and yes the 400 does have a softer ride than the 300 or 450.
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