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My first quad

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I'm hoping to buy my first quad in the next month or so and was looking at the TRX500FG Canadian Trail Edition. It will be used mainly for trail riding, but I may take up hunting again in the next year or two. Would this be a good quad, or would a Rincon be better? Thanks in advance.
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Welcome JustcallmeAl

Both are fantastic machines
however if your getting back into
hunting Go Rubicon

Just my .02
I would recommend the Foreman. Not only because I have a couple, but I have never heard of anyone really wanting to move from the Foreman to the Rincon. Consequently, I have hard people say they wish they had bought a Foreman instead of a Rincon. Most people like the Foreman because of the transmission options, S & ES, along with a SRA compared to IRS. Its all a matter of opinion and what you think, plus for me, what can I get a good deal on. I can't say if I had the option to save a thousand dollars on one versus another what would happen... I would be thinking about what I could do with the extra $$$ to make it even better
i would go with the foreman 500, i had a rubicon and it was a nice bike but the tranny gave me alot of trouble and when you have to get a new tranny the $$$$ racks up. i like the ES or S options alot better, and they are proubly more reliable.
Another vote here for the Foreman 500. The TRX500FM is a simple and reliable ATV.Enough power for most people and a lot of machine for the money in the 500 class.
Welcome !!!
I got my first quad 3yrs ago got a forman andi love it it is the perfect
I'm gonna throw another vote for the Foreman, I just bought a Rubicon (wich I love) but the high dollar tranny does scare me a little, a can't even imagine how pissed i'd be if I was still making payments on something and had to shell out two or three grand on a new tranny. I just hope I got a good one.
Another Foreman vote here.
Foreman here also. I like haveing a gear driven tranny because we mainly trail ride and go down some pretty rough hills and the hold back power is awesome. Just put it in 4wd and 1st gear and rarely have to touch the brakes. I went almost 1500 miles before I wore my original front pads out and now with 2300 miles I still havn't touched the rears yet, just adjusted them.
I say get the foreman but I can't say anything about any other model, I have only had a foreman. I say do some research, check out what they both can pull and haul and figure it out for yourself.
My Rubicon is an 01 and I have never had any kind of problem with it or the HondaMatic Tranny. I can put it in 1st and poke down any hill that any of you can. Granted, I don't have as many miles on mine as some of you do, but I have over 2000 miles on it and it is still on original brakes all the way around. Fronts still have atleast 50% of their life on them.

My vote is the Rubicon and then you still have the option of the ES or Automatic. If you are more into a IRS, then the Rincon.
IL_Bow_Man thats good to hear I hope I have that good of luck, don't get me wrong I love my Rubi and have alot of confidence in Honda's reliability but I if I had to do it again I would get the Foreman and sacrifice the auto for peace of mind.
for piece of mind, i bought the extened warranty But that is long gone now...I am on my own. On a good note, my dealer "claims" never to have any problems with the handa matic.
Also good to hear, I also bought the extended warranty. I have read alot of horror stories of dealers not honoring warranty, but after talking with my dealer I don't think I will have any problems.
as long you do the up keep honda has no problem with the warrenty
Rubicon will run circles around the Rincon if you decide to use it for hunting.
i have a foreman es i use it for both hunting and trail
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