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my dog Brody is dying of old age and cancer...and he really needs your vote to win top dog in the my town...please do this it doesnt take one second u dont have to register or anything just go to the link at the bottom and when u get there vote for Brody...this would mean alot

everyone has been awsome thanks for voting for him..there is about a week of voting left i think until they tally the votes..thanks alot for helping Brody go for one last top dog title!!!
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Brody's kickin those other dogs ass

I voted for Brody... Good Luck...!
Ya got my vote Brody.Good Luck and see on top.......
yall are awsome thanks guys...hes way in the lead thanks to yall...thanks for caring so much...ME AND BRODY THANK YOU!!!!!
one more...
One more for Brody.
brody got my vote
I think that he may have it!!! He does have more than all the others combined!
u got one more.. from me
and another one!
me too. sorry to hear about your dog
and one more from my girlfriends computer
another vote from me.I wish dogs didn`t grow old
Sorry to hear about him man, you got my vote. thats a good looking dog.
He's got my vote!
ya got my vote...these times suck..i just lost my great dane to bone cancer....hang in there....
One more vote here!
21 - 40 of 55 Posts
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