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my dog Brody is dying of old age and cancer...and he really needs your vote to win top dog in the my town...please do this it doesnt take one second u dont have to register or anything just go to the link at the bottom and when u get there vote for Brody...this would mean alot

everyone has been awsome thanks for voting for him..there is about a week of voting left i think until they tally the votes..thanks alot for helping Brody go for one last top dog title!!!
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I vote for Brody from me!
He got my vote.
You got my vote

QUOTE ("jgb_500_06")
I vote for Brody from me!
thanks alot yall...i really appreciate it

i kno this is a little off topic but i just really want him to win one time before its too late
What kinda dog is he???? sorry to hear about it man
thanks man...he is Pitbull and Black Lab Mix
You aint got any pics of him do you ??? I love lab ptbull mixes my next door neighbor has one and they are pretty dogs!
Nevermind I saw the pic of him! And once again good luck I hate to see that happen cuz you get so attached to dogs!
here he is
actually the picture on the website is wrong..idk how they mixed it up but here is the right picture they were supposed to put this on on there ...the one i posted is Brody
Man he is pretty!
thank you i appreciate it...thanks to everyone
Another Vote Here
Looks like he is in the lead.
I voted
Another Vote. He's still in the lead. Sorry to hear that. I remember when i had to put my parents dog down. My mother had the whole vet's office crying. He also lived to 13 yrs
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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