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My bike with Outlaws

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how would my bike do with 28/10.5 Outlaws on that front and 28/12.5 on the rear?
i have a 2" lift, HMF utility, K&N and air filter. Would my bike turn the 28" laws with those mods? also would the 28" put to much strain on parts like the u-joint, clutches, or CV shafts? Thanks
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by the way my bike is a Foreman 500 4x4
u'll be fine. thats what i have
but do 9.5 in the front.
the 10.5 doesnt have as good of a tread pattern, its a little diff.
If u have stock rims the back tire will rub the exhaust. All i have is the clutch kit and my bike turns the 28's fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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