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My Amazon review of Highlifter lack of quality disk brakes

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Highlifter front disc brakes kit for 2002 Honda Rubicon. Would have gone into more detail but amazon limits review size.

Poor quality and parts out of tolerance (buyer beware)

My background, been in precision machining industry for over 40 years. Purchased this Highlifter brake kit because they clamed no modification's to calipers to fit my 2002 Honda Rubicon. I am thinking this kit might be put together over seas. First problem is nut in kit that is used to press out factory studs was not even correct thread pitch. Sent a nut that was coarse threads when studs are fine thread same pitch as highlifter studs. Now is when things get ugly. The new studs have a big shoulder you press into Honda stock hub till bottom out . Busted Craftsman vice trying to press so took to work to use hydraulic press. When not going together correct started doing some inspecting and find out studs where manufactured .026" oversized. So oversized they roll the extra metal into corner of stud and no matter what ton press used shoulder of stud will not seat properly leaving gap which will cause rotor to run out. At this point I am in trouble because I need this bike running for farm use next weekend. I end up boring holes in my Honda hub for correct fit to make kit work. Was not going to leave bad review till after talking to highlifter to let them know about problem with kit. After two calls no response. You tell operator you have problem with parts out of tolerance and the don't even have common curtesy to call back.
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