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My 500 FG 2007 Is Overheating please help

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i just bought my 500 a month a go i put an easy 60 miles on it and then went for a little trip about 120 mile the day i put the 120 mile my 500 was overheating i would drive 5 min and had to pull over to let it is cool down i was only driving like 25 to 30 mile an hour even once it boiled over there was no mud in the RAD and there was all kinds of fluides in it it is brand new has any one out there had a problem like this and what can i do to fix the problem my e mail is [email protected] please help
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if you go through lots of mud your radiator might have lots of mud on it. because when mine was overheating i didn't know what was going on do i checked the rad and there was alot of mud. you can take off the two plastic peices beside the rad to clean it. if it is not that then i don't know what is going on.
if you went through mud, you might have some in the radiator. even though the front of the radiator is clean, that dont mean the the back is clean. if it was hot out when you were riding at that low of speeds for that many miles you may not of been getting enough air too. also check and see if the fan is working, i have seen bikes get hot because the fan wasnt working. when it over heats you will proubly have to wait longer than 5 min for it to cool down, the longer you let it cool down the longer it will stay cool.
nope it was a clean rad

the rad was clean i was in no mud befor it over heated and i took the plactic off today and looked nothing. and it was a cool day the speed i was going was 60 to 70 km an hour not sure what the conversion is i would drive 5 min and it would heat up i would shut it off and let the fan cool it off the fan does work i even was near some rivers and put the front of my bike in to cool it offf and then it would do the same thing any other sugestions ...... please
just buy a foreman or a 750 kawi brute.
sounds like to me the thermostat is sticking!! if it is not leting the coolant flow then it will over heat quick..
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