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My 400 Is sputring and popping

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It Runs better with choke on . What should i do first. After all that who has the best lift for my stock 400 and do i need shocks and if so who has the right 1sss. Looking to get the highest lift with less damage.
And What tire set up should i use I Live in Florida Lots of sand and Muck

Thanks to all And this Is A Kick A$$ Place And yall have been So Help full
Call me If You want to Come Ride Plenty of Places To Go
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More than likely the carb needs cleaning, just remember where the air/fuel mixture is set at if you take it out.

I wouldn't buy a lift, I would take the rear 400 shocks and move them up front and buy some used 450 rear shocks off ebay or where ever for the rear of your 400. This will give you some lift without maxing the supension out and keeping the soft ride of the 400.
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