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Must rebuild 450s internals, dammit!!

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Hey guys, been awhile since I last posted. My 2000 450s blew in January. The piston got to hot and not enough oil (thanks to a crankcase full of water) obvously was getting to it. The piston fused to the wrist pin and the wrist pin to the connecting rod. WTF!! I now finally have time to work on her and was wandering if some of you whom im sure has more experince with this particular model than I, have any tips or tricks, to dos or not to dos. I am familar with 2 stroke and four stroke engines, and have college education towards auto technolgy. I dont yet have the service manual and dont intend to procede much farther. I got the cylinder and front crank cover off. After looking at that I feel I might break something. Thanks for any reply.
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If the wrist pin is seized to the rod you'll probably need a new crank .. It's easier to work on if the engine is out of the frame .. Sounds like you'd better get a shop manual ..
yeah figured I would have to replace $200 some odd dollar crank too, to be safe. I almost considered taking the engine off but declined because I figured torque would definitly have to be applied. And of course the frame is the best clamp to hold the engine.
Man there there is a lot of stuff to take apart. Got everything out but the crank. Guessing a little over $500 for the parts and me to do it myself. And the peasants rejoice, yea...
I rebuild my wife foreman awhile back. I spent around $700 in parts. I ended up using the wiseco piston kit and everything else stock parts. The cheapest place to get the parts from is
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