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must have (magic power box)

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i got a magic power box for x-mas. and i must admit that i was a little scared cause it came up to 200 canadian so was hoping that it would be worth it or else the wife would kill me.
turns out that we had a mild day today so i put it on and wow
that little blue box is just scary crazy stuff. what a powerful difference it makes and my hmf pipe sounded great but now even better.
cant wait to try it out this summer in mud and somewhere i can get good traction.
well im just hoping that there wont be any adverse effects on my engine but hey what can i do.
anyways this product is great!
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good to hear that, I was waiting to see someone post some comments on this product. looks like I might be investing in one.

only question I have is does it look like its sealed up good, dont want to drown it out in the water?
What power box are you talking about ?
hi dirty4man it doesnt look water tight, but not sure what mess it would make getting wet im still wondering how and where ill mount it
im think that i might and please dont laugh mount it in a tupperwear and silcone the hole thing up and in the back box of my bike.
vamp here is an old post about it with a link to the product. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

YellowF, I'm not laughing to hard, you got to do what ever it takes
im more than open to suggestions on this one
alot of atv'ers use tupperware to put there winch contactor in to keep them dry. I use whatever works the best. I have been know to rig a few items before for temporary use, but its not a common practice I use.
How aboout using a electricial pvc (plastic) box they are waterproof and come in different sizes
rockclimber thats what I use as a drybox to keep my misc items dry, but mine is a 12"x 14"x 6" fiberglass box. Just make a trip to the local hardware store(lowes) and look around, you will be supprised what you can find that will work.
Your right Dirtyforeman. Nowadays you can basically find anything you can think of. I used a 2x4 pvc box for my contactor wired it all up then siliconed the crap out of the box and mounted it to the bike no problems yet. I find them nice because they have external flaps and you can zip tie them anywhere on the bike and forget about them.
So basically it is like a chip for a truck, right?
its a little box that hooks to you battery and makes the current to be almost constantly the same voltage
its a voltage cap. , like for car audio.
Yellowforeman, where did you get the magic box? Sounds like a product I could benefit from.
the odd thing is i never had any problems with water. i know i dont have the biggest bike around here but im pretty darn sure its close to being the most modified for power. the honda dealer here hates cause its hard for him to tune it and hes against mods but his mechanic is amazed at the power my bike produces. but ive never had it stall on me cause of water except twice when i didnt have my snorkel. my battery and contactor and plug get wet and really wet all the time and ive never had any thing stall.the box doesnt seem to be water tight but i dont think ill take any chance.

and i found this from this forum it at under rhino accesories
i siliconed the outer edge of mine and mechanic did the same to the one on his rhino worst prob was the led light might be draining my bat but might be because of cold weather and having to store mine out side, also procom the magic box comp has a thing similar to the i cat from what i can tell for 100.00
do you like the magic box creep?
yes i pull away from a jetted and piped rhino i got pipe jet lift 27 vamps and magic box is an awsom little box
does anyone with an electrical background care to explain the risks of this 'magic box'. I would really like to check into this. I won't even consider if box will have an adverse effect on bike's reliability.
im hoping not too many adverse effects on my bike
cant really tell what they might be except a hole lot of power i dont really understand where its coming from but its there
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