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multi-mount winch

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Anyone using the multi-mount for their winch?I like the idea of winching from the front or back and also the winch is higher up.I don't like carrying the winch out in the open where it could get dammaged though.Where else could you carry the winch?
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Check out my pics in my sig. I use the Montana Jacks setup that allows me to move the winch to the front or rear.

Yeah,Montana Jack's set-up is nice!But why SOOO EXPENSIVE!! I can't see why he charges so much.It's basically two winch mounts.Most winch mounts are less than $100.00.
Hey jpa2002, I like the pics! Where is this Wagon Wheel place at?
Wagon Wheel is in West Virginia. Just do a search for wagon wheel pinnacle creek, and you will get all sorts of information. Again, this is some of the best riding ever!

Yes, the Montana Jacks setup is expensive, but it is much more heavy duty than the Warn Multi Mount, as I have owned that one also on my old Rubicon. Don't get me wrong, the Warn setup is a good deal and a nice setup.

Check these guys out. They sell on Ebay. I compared the picture of the winch mount for an 05 Foreman 500 to the one listed on the Warn website. They look the same to me.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

They have some inexpensive winch packages that include everything for about $150. I don't know how reliable they are. Haven't seen much feedback about them. I bet the fellas on this site can give us both some info on them!!! or
Is there a website that sells the Warn Multi-Mount for the 500 Rubicon? I've searched all over that all I can find is the one Montana Jacks offers. I'm not ready to shell out $500 bucks for a winch mount! Thanks!
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