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Multi mount vs fixed mount

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I am putting a new warn 3.0 s on my 06 foreman. My thoughts were that a multi mount will keep the winch out of the water and mud and be easier to use when you are stuck. Any comments?
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I have a Mile Marker winch and the Warn multi-mount.The multi-mount is great because I find myself using the winch more on the rear than the front.One downfall is that the winch hangs out in the open and you have to be careful not to smash into things with it.I plan on making a bracket that will bolt to the front rack where I will carry the winch when not using it.The winch does get pretty dirty when carrying it in the multi-mount.But overall I'm very pleased with it.
That's the only reason I haven't put one on my machine. I am in and out of very steep inclines/declines and I was afraid of the winch being in the way. I wish someone would make a rear mount that goes under the storage (or even in place of storage box). I would really like to have a rear winch. Good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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