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muffler under water????

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Ok for the 3rd time I am having to flush my motor because water has entered my engine. I have sealed all the openings and have run all the lines up on my foreman and even sealed my air box so I know its not entering from any of the above. I put the foreman in a hole today and the muffler went under water and shut off. Now I understand when the motor is running the water cant enter the motor but can it enter if the muffler is submerged and the 4wheeler shuts off?
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if the exhaust valve is open when it stalls, yes water can enter the engine. Idle your bike up alittle and this should keep it from stalling out or you could add a exhaust snorkel.
dirty4man whats a drybox I see you have it listed on your upgrades.
it's just a sealed fiberglass box I have installed on my rack to keep a few tools and things in.
Thanks for the quick responses....I need to pick your brain one more time. I am hearing a tapping noise every since the last incident of water getting in my oil. Its not a knock but a tap like a lifter. The noise will go away at times but normally will come back. I havent noticed any performance loss but at times its loud and aggervating. Is this a easy fix or or am I going to have to do major engine repair to fix it.
when you say go that the noise goes away, is it when you throttle up or is this noise at idle? Could be a number of things, valves, piston slap, timing chain or connecting rod.
goes away when i throttle up. Sometimes it will go away at idle for minute but it will start up again.
you will have to find out where the noise is coming from to determine what the problem is. sometimes its hard to pin point without tearing into the engine for inspection.

Sinking them usually will catch up with you sooner of later, just some have better luck than others.
Try adjusting your valves that is a good place to start, and you can check out the valves, springs and push rods while you are in there. If its not that then you will at least know that much when you start trying to track down the noise.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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